Coached by Melissa Wu | 3 time Olympian and Olympic Silver Medallist

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1-on-1 & Small Group Training

  • Individual or small group skill and strength training
  • Kids and adult classes available
  • Training for CrossFit gymnastics movements | basic gymnastics | calisthenics | pole sport | diving | strength | athletic performance for any sport
  • Provides benefits in developing strength, flexibility, fundamental motor patterns, balance, coordination, body awareness and focus
  • Learn fun skills such as handstands and basic tumbling
  • Build strength for enhanced performance and injury prevention

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Workshops are targeted to participants wanting to learn and improve their basic gymnastics skills or improve CrossFit gymnastics movements. They are also ideal for coaches who want to learn how to teach these gymnastics movements.

Workshops can be fully tailored to focus on the skills you want to cover. Format & duration are developed to fit in with your needs and timetable. Workshops can be run in small groups out of our facility or can be delivered at your preferred gym (Sydney).

Workshops include the following fundamentals:

  • Mobility
  • Wrist, shoulder and core strength and stability
  • Fundamental gymnastics shapes and positions

Then you choose from options such as:

  • Ring variations: Strict and kipping muscle up progressions, muscle ups
  • Bar variations: Strict and kipping pull up variations, toes to bar variations, muscle ups
  • Handstand variations: Handstand progressions, freestanding handstands, handstand walking, strict and kipping handstand push ups