Coached by Josh Wu

Oly 4 Kids was developed in 2016 by Danielle Waller in Perth. Dani's mission is to raise the profile of weightlifting and get as many kids as possible involved in this awesome sport.

It's a common misconception that weightlifting is unsafe for children, or detrimental to their growth and health. However research indicates that when taught by a trained professional, weightlifting is actually safer for children and adolescents than many other sports.

Evidence suggests that a well organised and supervised program is not only safe but has many health benefits.

My mission is also to grow the sport of weightlifting in NSW and I believe one of the best ways to do that is to get kids involved. The 10 week Oly 4 kids program will teach kids the fundamentals of the Olympic weightlifting positions and movements through fun characters created to give the feel of each exercise... WITHOUT WEIGHT.
Each week the kids will learn a new character and progress towards being able to perform a full snatch and clean and jerk movement by the end of the 10 week program. The Oly 4 Kids program is taught through a combination of skills and games that incorporate the techniques and movements learnt.

It’s fun and safe and great for strength, coordination, mobility and confidence. Kids have a great time, make lots of friends and build good physical foundations, not only for weightlifting, but for any sport they may wish to pursue. Oly 4 Kids will provide young children with structure, discipline, following instructions and being part of a team, which will improve their concentration skills and independence.

Oly 4 Kids is a proud collaboration between HrdKAW Strength and Crossfit 2147.

Date: 1st May - 3rd July
Time: 4pm on Fridays
Duration: 10 Weeks
Place: Crossfit 2147 - 3/8 Tollis PLace, Seven Hills NSW 2147

Term 1 fully booked.
Book now for term 2.
For more information enquire below or contact Josh Wu through social media or on 0430 437 076.

HrdKAW Strength is an approved Active Kids provider