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HrdKAW Strength is co-owned by Australian representative athletes Melissa Wu (diving) and Joshua Wu (weightlifting). We are a strength and skill training gym and registered Olympic Weightlifting Club. We specialise in Olympic Weightlifting and Gymnastics strength and skill training, with a focus on impeccable technique and optimal movement patterns. Our programs are individualised and ideal for novice to elite athletes seeking to enhance strength, power development and athletic performance. We offer face-to-face or online coaching.

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In 2014 our lives were changed forever when our precious sister Kirsten took her own life. Our tight knit family was shattered and none of us would ever be the same again. Kirsten was in her 3rd year of Denistry, she had also competed for Australia as a Junior weightlifter and she was a self taught baker of amazing creations. There was nothing Kirsten couldn’t do and she was good at everything she did. She had a zest for life that was infectious and her smile lit up the room and our lives. Kirsten was a social butterfly and she made friends wherever she went...

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Joshua Wu


Joshua places great importance on teaching the fundamentals with great technique and individual programming for all his weightlifting and PT clients.

Sonja Porter

Melissa WU


Melissa focuses on teaching people exactly what it takes to train like an athlete, not only the physical training but also the importance of injury prevention, work ethic, optimal nutrition, recovery and a champion mindset.

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