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Since launching HrdKAW Strength in 2019 we have had the great pleasure of meeting and working with so many incredible people and businesses.For over 4 years we have collaborated with, helped each other, learnt from each other and forged great friendships. These are the businesses we have aligned ourselves with who have the same core values as HrdKAW, and who strive for excellence with integrity.


  • We are so grateful to Tsar Fitness who sponsor our gym equipment. They are an incredible business who share many of our values when it comes to supporting our communities and providing opportunities for athletes through sport.

    We are constantly blown away by their generosity and their sponsorship has been a massive help to our gym and our programs. They’ve made custom equipment for us and supported many of our athletes individually too. Tsar have high quality equipment at great prices and top notch customer service!

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  • PB Physio is owned by Physiotherapist and Australian representative powerlifter Pei Gan. Not only has Pei had a huge influence on us as athletes, she’s also been a great mentor to us in business. She is incredibly passionate about helping others and has been a great friend to us over the years. As athletes, she is one of the most important people in our support network!

    We have worked with PB Physio for over 4 years both as our personal physios and the preferred physios for our athletes, and it’s no secret how highly we value them! PB Physio are the leading physiotherapists in sport in NSW, treating many elite level powerlifters, weightlifters, world record holders, numerous olympians, and athletes across multiple sports.

    PB Physio is well known among athletes because of their unrivalled expertise and passion. As athletes we have seen countless numbers of physios throughout our careers, but without doubt there are none better than PB Physio!

    PB Physio have a satellite clinic at HrdKAW. Physio Paora Waaka treats upstairs every Tuesday 10am-7pm.

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  • We are passionate about supporting the next generation of athletes, especially in our local community and we are proud to have been a sponsor of WSAS athletes for over 3 years as an Academy Ambassador. We have now also partnered with the Western Sydney Academy of Sport Lone Star Program to provide support for talented young athletes across a number of sports.

    We provide Lone Star athletes with individual performance testing, strength and conditioning training, and athlete development workshops. We take a holistic approach to athlete development by focusing on both mindset and physical abilities to enhance athletic performance.

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  • HrdKAW Strength is a Vast Fitness Academy certified mentor. We can facilitate supervision of practical tasks for VFA students who are studying Certificate III & Certificate IV in Fitness. We will provide feedback and support to students throughout their supervised hours.

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  • CrossFit 2147 is owned by Mat and Lady Seeto. Mat and Lady have been friends and mentors to us long before HrdKAW began, and helped us enormously when we were setting up our business. they have created an awesome community at 2147 and cater for beginners all the way through to competitive CrossFitters.

    Josh has coached CrossFit classes at 2147 for over 4 years. During that time Mat and Lady have helped us grow our business and Weightlifting Club and have continually supported us. Mat has a HrdKAW Weightlifting satellite squad coaching his own athletes out of CrossFit 2147.

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  • Nutrition 2147 is also owned by Lady Seeto, who is an accredited Nutritionist. Lady offers personalised meal plans, 1:1 nutrition coaching and sports nutrition coaching. We’ve been fortunate to have Lady do 1-on-1 nutrition work with many of our athletes in addition to presenting nutrition workshops at HrdKAW.

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  • Havok Athletic is coach Melissa’s very own activewear label. Made from premium quality fabrics, Melissa designs training gear that is soft and comfortable and most importantly, functional. She understands the importance of having activewear that supports the wide range of movements that sport demands. Havok Athletic is designed to do just that and offers a range of activewear for women and men, including super comfortable sport socks.

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Youth scholarship program

In this free 4-month weightlifting scholarship program, youth athletes will learn how to snatch and clean and jerk in addition to all of the accessory movements. Athletes will follow an individualised program to build strength and Olympic lifting foundations.

To compliment their physical training, scholarship athletes will also complete our ‘Becoming Elite’ educational modules that will equip them with knowledge and tools to help them transition to elite athletes.

We have one of the most successful Youth Weightlifting programs in the country, largely due to our innovative Youth Scholarship Program. Our program has had enormous success, with many of our Youth Scholarship athletes going on to win National medals, break NSW and Australian records, and be selected onto Australian teams.