We service the Western Sydney, Hills and Penrith areas.

We have a bright new spacious gym that is full of well maintained equipment, recovery tools and assessment systems.  Our gym is safe, clean and very inviting.

Our equipment features the equivalent of 13 weightlifting platforms, a 6-cell AlphaFit rig, 16 sets of high quality weightlifting bumper plates, 45 high quality Olympic Weightlifting barbells, cardio equipment, strength training equipment, Normatec recovery boots, an ice bath and a variety of gymnastics equipment including air floors and crash mats. We also use VALD Performance Systems for our Athlete Performance Testing.

PB Physio have a satellite clinic at HrdKAW. Physio Paora Waaka treats upstairs every Tuesday 10am-7pm.

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If you are interested in renting our gym for a workshop / event / photoshoot / video creation, please contact us.

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VALD Performance Testing Equipment

13 Weightlifting Platforms

Olympic Weightlifting barbells

PB Phsyio onsite

Sets of high quality weightlifting bumper plates