Guest and Keynote Speaking


Guest and Keynote Speaking

Melissa has over 10 years experience in keynote speaking and sharing her experiences as an elite athlete to inspire others. She offers guest speaking services at a variety of events, including corporate events, school talks, awards nights, charity events, guest panels, mindset workshops, etc.

Guest and keynote speaking can be fully tailored to suit the specific event and/or audience. It can include a variety of topics such as:

  • Melissa’s personal athletic journey

  • How she has developed resilience to overcome adversity

  • Dealing with competition anxiety and how she improved her competition mindset

  • What it takes to become an Olympian and win an Olympic medal

  • Her SAS Australia experience and what she learned on the show

  • Her transition to business and how she juggles elite sport with her career

Melissa can deliver presentations of a requested duration or speak in Q&A style formats.
This is valuable for:

  • Sporting teams / Clubs

  • Gyms

  • Schools

  • Coaches

  • Businesses / Corporate teams

  • Team building

Contact us to discuss Melissa speaking to your team or at an event and to enquire about pricing.

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